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Fast, High-Accuracy Facial Recognition is important for Executive Ordered Biometric Entry-Exit Tracking
12 June 2017
This article by Benji Hutchinson, Senior Director, NEC Advanced Recognition Systems, Washington, D.C. Operations, explains why facial recognition technology is important for a modern, effective and efficient biometric entry/exit system.

Birth registration: the fundamental step and cornerstone of identity management: revolutionary change urgently needed
12 June 2017
A defective birth registration system impairs the integrity of the identity management system of the nation and related identity documents, not to mention the social cost involved in counteractions. Ir. Dr Raymond Wong highlights the weakest links and explains why reform is required.

Francois Vermeulen new Head of Technology Innovation Expert Group
12 June 2017
Francois Vermeulen, Director of Ideco Biometric Security Solutions based in South Africa, has been appointed the new Head of the TIEG. Francois shares his thoughts on some of the interesting innovations in recent years and our the expert group can help others.

Unisys surveys 2017 Asia Pacific Conference delegates on privacy
12 June 2017
Since privacy was a key focus of the 2017 conference, Unisys asked participants for their personal views, as practitioners within the biometrics industry, on three topics:
- Acceptability of facial recognition for a range of applications
- Organisations they trust to safeguard biometric data
- Actions taken if biometric data is disclosed to unauthorised persons

Viewpoint from Biometrics Institute: Biometrics for Digital ID
6 June 2017
Only biometrics can unify the age-old opposing forces of user-experience and digital security, says Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive, Biometrics Institute. When it happens, the effect will be remarkable.

Media Release: Biometrics Institute launches 2017 Industry Tracker
25 May 2017
Sydney/ London 12 May 2017 - The Biometrics Institute has launched its revamped annual Industry Survey asking members and key stakeholders to respond to 20 questions around the current status of the biometrics industry, expected developments in the next few years and attitudes towards key issues.

MEDIA RELEASE: Biometrics Institute releases a revised version of its Biometrics Privacy Guidelines to Members
16 May 2017
Sydney / London – The Biometrics Institute is finalising the revision of its Biometrics Privacy Guidelines during Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) and is briefing its members at the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference on the 17-18 May 2017 in Sydney on the key elements of the revision.

Deep Learning – the new kid in Artificial Intelligence
11 April 2017
We have heard the term 'Deep Learning' thrown around in recent years but what does this actually mean for biometrics? Dr Harin Sellahewa and Dr Hisham Al-Assam, University of Buckingham UK, briefly explains for members the underlying concept behind deep learning and implications this may have, especially for biometrics.

Kevin Bowyer shares his thoughts on research in biometrics
10 April 2017
Kevin Bowyer, University of Notre Dame, has recently taken the helm as Head of the Academic Research and Innovation user group. Kevin speaks about some of the exciting research being conducted around biometrics and areas where more could be done.

Viewpoint from Biometrics Institute: Biometrics at the Borders
28 March 2017
While policy creation for the use of biometric technologies at national borders remains a matter for government, best practices and guiding principles for effective deployment can be built through collaboration between the industry’s global stakeholders, says Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive of the Biometrics Institute.

Consumer Devices Drive Public Acceptance of Biometrics
16 February 2017
While large scale public sector implementations drove the initial rollout of biometric-based applications, biometric-enabled consumer devices -- from smart phones, to car doors, to accessing mobile banking accounts -- are driving public willingness to use biometrics today. Improvements in biometric technology, coupled with this growing public acceptance, are creating the perfect storm for explosive growth in biometric applications, but not without some new challenges for organisations deploying biometric applications, says John Kendall, director border and national security programs, Unisys.

ID4Africa Annual Meeting is back in its 3rd Edition
15 February 2017
Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Executive Chairman explains why ID4Africa is bigger, better and more pertinent than ever. ID4Africa may be a young movement, but it has already founded a community by capturing the minds and hearts of a large group of people passionate about facing the identification challenges to build a more equitable Africa.

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