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Consumer Devices Drive Public Acceptance of Biometrics

16 February 2017

While large scale public sector implementations drove the initial rollout of biometric-based applications, biometric-enabled consumer devices -- from smart phones, to car doors, to accessing mobile banking accounts -- are driving public willingness to use biometrics today. Improvements in biometric technology, coupled with this growing public acceptance, are creating the perfect storm for explosive growth in biometric applications, but not without some new challenges for organisations deploying biometric applications, says John Kendall, director border and national security programs, Unisys.

Over the last 10 years biometric technologies have evolved to become cheaper, more accurate, smaller and easier to use, all of which combines to make it more attractive to field biometric implementations. But it is the recent wave of consumer devices and apps incorporating biometrics that is driving the general public’s willingness to use and embrace biometrics.

I’ve previously discussed how wearable technologies will totally revolutionise the biometrics industry. This article looks at other forces behind the ongoing biometrics revolution.

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