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Privacy Guidelines

The Biometrics Institute has introduced a Biometrics Privacy Charter in November 2011 which was renamed to Biometrics Privacy Guidelines in January 2013. 

The Guidelines recognise that biometrics is now an international technology in an international market place covering a wide variety of regulatory regimes.

The Biometrics Institute itself has spread its wings from its Australia-New Zealand origins and is now co-located in Europe. In addition, it maintains close relations in the Asia-Pacific area through a seminar and visit programme.

Therefore, any Privacy Guideline needed to be a good executive guide operating over a number of jurisdictions. It is not intended to be a replacement for international standards or regulatory requirements in the individual countries.

In practice each year the Guidelines will be reviewed on the basis of inputs from stakeholders and interested parties. This continuous review process, whilst attempting to maintain the Guidelines' principles of simplicity and consumer transparency, will include wherever necessary the inputs from standards organisations and other interested parties. Already, those inputs are being provided and are being considered by the Institute’s Privacy Committee and Board, perhaps for inclusion in the next version of the Guidelines.

A first review took place in late 2012 where we received very useful feedback from key stakeholders including the British Standards Institution's IST/44 committee on biometrics.

One of the issues has been the title "Charter" which in some countries implies specific requirements. We have therefore renamed the Charter to Guidelines. We have also looked at alignment of terminology with international standards and are considering adding a new principle 17 to the Guidelines.

Download the Biometrics Institute Privacy Guidelines.