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WCC Smart Search & Match

WCC is a global leader in search and match technology with a market leading platform for identification that optimizes accuracy by combining biographic and contextual data with multi-modal biometric fusion. WCC's ELISE system offers unsurpassed capabilities to perform identifications using third party biometric algorithms, as well as built-in fuzzy logic algorithms and weighted criteria, very rapidly across very large data populations with extremely high uptime.

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WorldReach Software Corporation

WorldReach is presently working to enhanced capabilities and trusted secure biometric traveller data for national security & border control agencies, to improve identification and interdiction of the extremist traveller (terrorist) prior to their arrival in a host country. With international travel expected to double from 2010 to 2030, the ability to significantly enhance facilitation of low risk securely screened travellers, while concurrently better identifying and interdicting extremist travellers, is critical to Global security and world economies. Connecting with biometrics experts and exchanging best practices would be of great interest to WorldReach.

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Yoti Ltd

Yoti is a cross sector, mobile friendly and consumer friendly identity verification system.
Yoti is your ID, on your phone. It helps you prove who you are to companies and people, online and in person. Once the free app is downloaded, it takes 90 seconds to create your digital identity: take a selfie, add your mobile number, scan your photo ID with your phone, and enter a 5 digit PIN. With Yoti, you can log into websites using your face, instantly know who you’re talking to online and prove your age with your phone.
Yoti users (companies and people) benefit from an audit trail of who they have interacted with. The Yoti mobile app enables age verification, data minimisation, secure authorisation of a login linked to a person's biometrics, secure online subscription services and controlled unique login. Yoti has patents lodged in the areas of facial recognition, liveness testing and document anti-tampering. Third party attributes can be assigned to a Yoti and subsequently revoked; immutable by the consumer - e.g. awards, memberships.
A mobile SDK and API is available for developers and companies. Yoti is a 75 person company, based in London with offices in Mumbai and a presence in the US.

Web: Yoti Ltd

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