2023 State of Biometrics Report highlights key trends to watch now

The State of Biometrics Report makes predictions on the future of biometrics

17 October 2023: The Biometrics Institute today released the fifth edition of its State of Biometrics Report at its annual Congress. The report addresses important trends that are likely to impact on how we use biometric technology responsibly and maintain citizens’ trust in the benefits they deliver. 

The Institute’s Future Direction Group (FDG) has identified four significant topics for future monitoring: 

  1. Biometrics, cyber security and privacy – The good, the brazen or the breached?
  2. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) – Friend or foe?
  3. Explainability and trustworthiness – The less you know, the more you believe
  4. Maturity of digital identity – A need to cooperate and interoperate

        “The theme of artificial intelligence (AI) runs throughout the report,” said Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute. “Developments in AI have accelerated substantially over the past months, not only creating excitement about the opportunities but raising many concerns over how it will be applied. Is there an opportunity for biometrics to counter some of the concerns? Could biometrics help to detect deepfakes created by AI? Standards-development is critical and the work is ongoing. We will certainly keep an eye on AI in all our upcoming discussions.” 

        The report also highlights the importance of the need for improved: 

        • Security, protection and ID recovery mechanisms 
        • Collaboration in a robust standards framework that has agility at its heart 
        • Education and confidence in independent testing and assurance protocols to ensure trust in responsible use
        • Governance frameworks that can match an evolving and maturing market

          The report stresses the importance of explaining what we do with biometrics as this is the only way to create trust amongst citizens. A common approach and understanding of what biometrics are is critical. Audits are an area we draw specific attention to. 

          It also focuses on digital identity, noting that interoperability and cooperation are essential for how we move forward. It reminds the reader of the Three Laws of Biometrics, which should be followed in any biometric implementation. 

          “This report is essential to inform our community on areas that require our attention as a priority. I am looking forward to engaging with the biometrics community on these conversations ensuring we can continue delivering a responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics into the future.” said Moeller. 

          The full State of Biometrics Report is available to Institute members. To learn more about the report, follow this link.


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