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About us

The Biometrics Institute was founded in July 2001 responding to an industry need for an independent and impartial international forum for the sharing of knowledge and information about biometrics and to provide best-practice guidance around the responsible use of biometrics.

It acts as a facilitator in the growth of the industry, delivering quality service, whilst promoting the responsible use of biometrics.

The organisation is unique in that it has been set up as a user group with a majority of user members such as government departments and organisations using or planning to use biometrics running the association. The organisation's constitution requires the majority of the Board of Directors, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman to be user representatives. The Biometrics Institute has been set up to give more voting rights to its user and government members. Nonetheless, the Biometrics Institute encourages vendors of biometric and other related products and services to join as members. 


The primary members are government and users of biometric services and products, with other membership categories for vendors.The members are from around the world including amongst others Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Heathrow Airport, Immigration New Zealand, UK Home Office, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Singapore, Morpho and Unisys.

In November 2018, it represents over 240 organisations (close to 1000 individuals) from 30 different countries.

The Biometrics Institute has offices in London and Sydney.

Why are we different?

  • Leads the debate on the responsible use of biometrics
  • Is independent and international
  • Is impartial and not-for-profit
  • Set up as a multi-sector user group
  • Informs about best-practice in the use of biometrics
  • Connects regions and organisations through a range of events and information
  • Represents over 200 membership organisations worldwide
  • Represented by a high-profile Board of Directors providing governance and strategic direction 
  • Has a dedicated and professional secretariat in London and Sydney
  • Is at the forefront of working with government, industry, academia, advocates and regulators
  • 15+ year track record of providing an unbiased forum promoting the responsible use of biometrics

An interview at Canberra Institute of Technology with the Chief Executive, Isabelle Moeller, about the role and mission of the Biometrics Institute'

Highlights of the year 2017 presented to Biometrics Congress, November 2017.