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Apply for SUPPLIER membership

Supplier Member
A company, partnership, statutory authority or government department or other entity which is in the opinion of the Board carrying on business involving the supply of biometric technology, equipment or services may apply for admission as a Supplier Member of the Institute.

We are currently not processing payments through the website and we will send you an invoice with payment instructions shortly.

Currencies outline:
If the main contact person is based in Australia, invoice shall be issued in Australian dollars including tax.
If the main contact person is based in Europe, invoice shall be issued in English Pounds excluding tax.
If the main contact person is based in countries not specified above, invoice shall be issued in Australian dollars excluding tax.

As you may be aware the Biometrics Institute has developed the PAC as a best practice guide for privacy. We encourage your organisation to look at it and consider how your organisation may use it. You shall receive a copy of the PAC if your application is approved.

On behalf of the above identified organistion, application is hereby applied for membership of the Biometrics Institute. The above organisation, on being elected to membership, undertakes to abide by the Institute's Constitution, and by such by-laws of the Institute, as may be in force from time to time, and acknowledges that its liability by way of guarantee in terms of the Constitution is limited to $20. Please note that all admissions to membership are entirely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

In line with the Biometrics Institute Constitution, a member can deliver to the Institute a written notice resigning the membership. However, the cessation of membership by a member for any reason does not affect the liabilities and obligations of the member (clauses 12.1.a and 12.5).

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