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Member Services

The Biometrics Institute offers a large range of services and we have compiled a list of them below.

You can freeze your membership rate for 3 years

Are you aware that you can sign up for a 3 year membership? It will allow you to minimise administration of the annual renewal and your budget. The 3 year membership will freeze the membership rate at the current level. Simply email to find out more.

Online Resource library

Have you recently visited our online resource library? See We have added several new white papers to the library. Once you log in as a member, you can do searches for specific topics and you can also rate the documents that you find. You can even upload your own papers and research to the library. Enjoy reading!

Capability surveys and briefing days for members

Where appropriate, we will be delighted to work with our members on surveys that will help promote the responsible use of biometrics. Our extensive network of contacts from around the world provides a rich source of data. Members can engage us to develop a straightforward online questionnaire to survey our contact base. One to one meetings with specific suppliers or a briefing day can then be arranged.
To find out more, contact

Special university subscription to our member services is available

Universities and research institutions are encouraged to participate in our network and exchange information on the latest biometric studies. Find out more about this category of subscription and the benefits here.

Queries from members – our support service

Members can send an email to with queries they may have. We will then decide whether we can provide feedback circulating the query (without your name) to one of our expert/ sector groups.
Recent examples include:
Dutch government agency – searching for an independent facilitator for a consultation session. We provided an independent consultant to run the session for the day.
Danish government agency – was looking for credit card institution contacts to discuss card payments. We made an introduction to Visa and Mastercard.
Australian transport agency asked about information about access control implementation at European ports. We are still exploring this.
Australian government agency enquired about the EU Smart Borders project and we received the relevant website links.

Past presentations

As a member, you can access the member meeting presentations. Simply go to

BVAEG mailing list

The Biometrics Institute offers a mailing list to its members. Subscribers to this list receive updates on any biometric vulnerability related news, research or reports. Simply subscribe via email request to

Privacy mailing list

We are now also looking at establishing an email list for privacy and data protection related news. The Privacy Expert Group is regularly discussing activities and news in this space e.g. the current enquiry into the Australian Migration Bill review or last year’s UK enquiry into the current and future use of biometrics by a UK parliamentary committee.
Simply email to join this new forum.

Members can use the Biometrics Institute logo
We have created a 'Member of Biometrics Institute' logo and invite members to add it to their website and display it on their marketing materials (one of our supplier members recently added it to the banners at their exhibition booth). We also encourage members to tweet about membership with us, mention it in tender submissions or issue a press release and would be delighted to work with members on any drafts. Email for details.