Biometrics Essentials learning tool shortlisted for award

Biometrics Essentials shortlist nominee

5 October 2023

Biometrics Institute learning tool shortlisted for prestigious award

The Biometrics Institute is honoured to announce that its Biometrics Essentials learning tool has been shortlisted in the Learning Technologies Awards . The awards celebrate outstanding learning technologies worldwide and the Biometrics Institute is a finalist in the “Excellence in the design of learning content” category.

The Biometrics Essentials learning tool is an interactive and visually engaging tool. It demonstrates to the learner that biometrics pose risks which if not properly mitigated may lead to unforeseen consequences that could have major impact. It points to the tools that are available to risk manage biometrics and provides insights that many experts may not already know.

The tool was developed to address three goals:

  1. provide Institute members with an important resource to learn about potential risks around biometrics and get introduced to good practice guidance
  2. give other stakeholders a good understanding of biometrics and that more information is available and
  3. reach out to new audiences and potentially engage with the broader public.

A learning tool for all audiences

The tool also needed to be sensitive in addressing inclusion and diversity as we have a global membership community.

“We are honoured to be shortlisted for this prestigious award and I believe it is well-deserved. In my 21 years with the Institute, I have never seen this level of continuous interest in a Biometrics Institute good practice tool. Every week it gets used. 57% of those who have accessed it, we did not know and of the 43% of learners that we know, a large proportion represents learners from emerging countries who are an important audience. Biometrics Essentials is a valuable resource for anyone, anywhere, anytime and we are committed to making learning more accessible to all.”

Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute.

The learning tool is a free, online course that takes about an hour to complete. The learner receives a certificate of completion at the end which can be used to demonstrate that you care about the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

To learn more about the Biometrics Essentials learning tool and to take the course, follow this link.

Biometrics Essentials learning tool certificate


About the Biometrics Institute:

The Biometrics Institute is the independent and impartial international membership organisation for biometric users and other interested parties. It was established in 2001 to promote the responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics and has offices in London and Sydney.

The member register which represents a global and diverse multi-stakeholder community now lists over 200 membership organisations from 34 countries. It includes banks, airlines, government agencies, biometric experts, privacy experts, suppliers, academics and 10 Observers representing United Nations agencies, IGOs and European Union institution.

The Biometrics Institute connects the global biometrics community. It shares knowledge with its members and key stakeholders and most importantly, develops good practices and thought leadership for the responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics.

For more information, please email Marco Lombardi.


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