I have been delighted receiving an invitation from Frontex to attend their biometrics and borders focused event in Warsaw. It will be an excellent way to meet many of our existing members but also engage with new stakeholders, including Eastern European border agencies.

I have been delighted to speak at the Frontex Biometrics on the Move conference in Warsaw on the 29 September 2017. I joined a panel discussing the way head in border management and presented some of the Institute’s exciting projects for the coming month including a Border Management survey and a UN Counter-Terrorism project.

I was joined by a fantastic line-up of two other panelists, namely Pat Nemeth from the US Department of Homeland Security – OBIM and the Deputy Commissioner, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore, Sethuraj Vijakumar. Both organisations are very supportive members of the Biometrics Institute so it was a pleasure sitting on stage with Pat and VJ.

It was fantastic to connect with many familiar faces and also meet some new players.

The Institute is currently conducting a landscape study on the use of biometrics in the end-to-end border management and we are particularly interested in bringing as many countries into this study as possible.

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