Biometrics Institute Good Practice Framework

What is it?

The Biometrics Institute Good Practice Framework is a first-of-its-kind good practice tool that outlines the stages of the strategic planning, procurement and operation of a biometric system or network. Its primary function is to provide a structured pathway through the factors that may influence or constrain a biometric application.

In compiling the framework, our experts drew from a number of source documents that have been published in recent years. These include the United Nations Compendium of Recommended Practices for the Responsible Use & Sharing of Biometrics in Counter-Terrorism – for which the institute was the penholder, our own Understanding Biometrics guide, other books and documents, and learnings from real life scenarios.

How do members benefit?

Multi-purpose in its application, it can assist someone with even a limited knowledge of biometrics in procuring, upgrading or expanding a system, providing an overview of what they need to consider     .

It can also be used for gap analysis where a system already exists to highlight areas where something might have been missed.

The framework is a series of signposts to guide you in formulating strategies and making ethical and responsible decisions.

Who updates it?

The Institute’s expert groups will review which elements of the framework need to be updated every two years. It was first developed in 2019.

How to access the document

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