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Biometrics Institute Security & Integrity Expert Group (BSIEG)

This group will:

  • Cover best practices and advice around security for biometric systems. This will incorporate and expand on the existing BVAEG material. 
  • Collect, in a place that only members can access, a list of common and publicly available hacks for biometric systems - and maintain this.
  • Act as a gateway for security testing services. 
  • Facilitate sharing between members of good techniques for reducing security risks around biometric systems.
  • Work towards some public demonstrations by vendors at BI events of their SPD solutions.
  • Identify promising research and promote new research into relevant security topics.
  • Liaise with other BI groups to ensure issues around security and integrity are adequately addressed. 

Criteria for nomination:

  • Demonstrate that this group is relevant to your job, that you have some expertise and hold some kind of security clearance or equivalent. Having published something isn't necessary. 
  • As it is a security group, there will be a vote from existing members prior to submission to the Board of Directors for approval. Numbers will be limited. 



 This group (a sub-group within the BSIEG) will:

  • Respond as quickly as possible to any major biometric breaches or vulnerabilities that are detected. This would only be a few times per year. This will be done through the CEO.
  • Provide either a public, or for members only, statement about the situation and mitigations that the Institute's Chief Executive would disseminate as the organisation's spokesperson. 


Members are mostly expert researchers, plus potentially some industry representatives who have demonstrated expertise and ideally published in this area. The researchers understand the technical implications but breaches commonly also involve business factors that could be assessed by industry representatives. 

 To find out more, please email:


Access information about this group on the BVAEG website.