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A procedural view on the responsible use of biometrics

Biometrics Institute - Thu 4 October 2018

  • The Biometrics Institute’s mission is to promote the responsible use of biometrics. Protection of biometric information is a critical topic for discussion. The Biometrics Institute’s Privacy and Policy Expert Group (PEG) has been discussing the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on an ongoing basis, most recently at a seminar in Brussels in April, and during a webinar in July (2018).

I thought it would be useful to ask the PEG about some of the important implications of the GDPR to help clarify some of the questions I am regularly hearing in our meetings

Biometrics, Privacy and Responsible Use – what do we need to consider? A Big Picture Perspective

Biometrics Institute - Tue 28 August 2018

We have had some very interesting discussions in our Privacy and Policy Expert Group (PEG) around some of the recent stories on the use of biometrics for a loyalty programme of a hotel and for payment transactions. The PEG is discussing the responsible use of biometrics regularly. Biometrics have a place: they offer increased security and greater convenience, but proportionality remains a key principle of the Biometrics Institute Privacy Guidelines. The PEG will next meet during the Biometrics Congress and PIA Workshop, 16-18 October in London.

So, where do we draw the line as an industry/community?
Where do biometrics fit in to our everyday interactions?
What are the data protection concerns and ethical questions we should think about.

We have put some questions to our PEG which we would like to share with you.

Biometrics and Countering Terrorism - the Next Phase

Biometrics Institute - Wed 15 August 2018

The Biometrics Institute will now work with UN CTED to deliver workshops to regions that most need to start collecting and sharing biometric data in a global effort to counter-terrorism. 

Face Recognition Systems and Error Rates - is this a concern?

Biometrics Institute - Thu 24 May 2018

The Biometrics Institute looks at concerns that have recently arisen over the use and accuracy of Facial Recogniton Systems, particularly by law enforcement agencies.

Biometrics and Privacy - an important reminder

Biometrics Institute - Thu 12 April 2018

The Biometrics Institute would like to remind its members that the new GDPR comes into force in May, just six weeks from today.  This is the perfect time to remind our members and key stakeholders of our good-practice recommendations around privacy and, in particular, the principles of informed consent and accountability.

Understanding Biometrics - Considerations for Implementing a Biometric System

Biometrics Institute - Thu 5 April 2018

The Biometrics Institute is producing a resource for members who are new to biometrics and those upgrading their current system. 

UNCTED & Biometrics Institute Joint Project on Biometrics and Counter-terrorism

Biometrics Institute - Tue 6 February 2018

This project works on a Compendium of good and recommended Practices on the Responsible Use and Sharing of Biometrics in Identifying Terrorists.

The Importance of Informed Consent and Purpose: Human Rights Watch – Authorities Collecting Biometric Data in Xinjiang

Biometrics Institute - Thu 18 January 2018

We had an interesting discussion in our Privacy Expert Group (PEG) which I would like to share discussing the collection of biometric data.

Women in Biometrics Award

Biometrics Institute - Sat 28 October 2017

I am honoured to be one of the five winners of the Women in Biometrics 2017 award.

A new facial database for Australia?

Biometrics Institute - Sat 7 October 2017

We are seeing a lot of discussion around the latest government announcements for the creation of a facial database that will include drivers' license photos. It is a discussion that raises questions about  the privacy and vulnerability of biometric data.

Biometrics Institute attended Frontex Borders Event in Warsaw

Biometrics Institute - Fri 22 September 2017

I have been delighted receiving an invitation from Frontex to attend their biometrics and borders focused event in Warsaw. It will be an excellent way to meet many of our existing members but also engage with new stakeholders, including Eastern European border agencies.