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Andrew Rice, Chairman & Director, Biometrics Institute

Andrew is also the Assistant Secretary Cyber and Identity Security Branch, Attorney Generals Department (Australia).

He first joined the Board in March 2013. He was appointed Chairman at the AGM in November 2015.

Andrew Rice is responsible for development of national policy relating to Identity Security and for implementation of the Document Verification Service.  Andrew is also responsible for the cyber security aspects of critical infrastructure resilience. 

Andrew is based in Canberra, Australia.

He is a "User Member" representative.

 Andrew Rice

Andy Foote, Deputy Chairman & Director, Biometrics Institute

Andy is a Vice President and Strategist in Wells Fargo’s Innovation Group.  He is responsible for innovation research and evaluation in the areas of voice technology, biometrics, and authentication. 

He first joined the Board in January 2016. He was appointed as Deputy Chairman on the 10 January 2017.

Andy is based in San Francisco, USA.

He is a "User Member" representative.

 A Foote

Glen Wimbury, Director, Biometrics Institute

Glen is working with the Border Force, Border Transformation Delivery, Home Office – UK.

He first joined the Board in November 2014.

He is based in London, UK.

He is a “User Member” representative.

 Glen Wimbury

Adam Hergert, Director, Biometrics Institute

Adam is the Head of Information Security Strategy & Architecture| Information Security Office (ISO) at ANZ Bank.

Adam Hergert is responsible for providing security guidance across the bank, strategic planning and annual investment planning for group-wide initiatives. He has been working in IT Security for 20 years, having held roles spanning software development, data centre operations, infrastructure security architecture and identity management.  

He first joined the Board in August 2016.

Adam is based in Melbourne, Australia.

He is a "User Member" representative.


George Rodrigues, Director, Biometrics Institute

George is the Manager Identity Services, Compliance Risk & Intelligence Services Group, Immigration New Zealand.

He first joined the Board in November 2017.

George is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

He is a "User Member" representative. 


Hans de Moel, Director, Biometrics Institute

Hans is working for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (KMar), part of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. 

As a Document & Biometrics Expert he has been working on projects concerning the automation of Border Control and Security.

He was elected to the Board in November 2016.

Hans is based at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

He is a "User Member" representative.


Richard Agostinelli, Director, Biometrics Institute

Richard is the CEO of Crossmatch. 

Richard Agostinelli is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company. He brings over 25 years of experience in corporate and strategic planning, driving growth and profitability, and building infrastructure for multi-location global businesses, both public and private

He first joined the Board in August 2016.

Richard is based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA.

He is a "Supplier Member" representative. 



Brett Feldon, Director, Biometrics Institute


Brett is General Manager at Salmat Speech Solutions, responsible for all aspects of Salmat’s voice biometric business. Previously he has worked in New Zealand and the UK in the same field.

He first joined the Board in November 2011.

Brett is based in Sydney, Australia.

He is a “Supplier Member" representative.


 Brett Feldon


Juergen Pampus, Director, Biometrics Institute


Juergen is the Co-founder & Vice-president, Sales & Marketing of Cognitec Systems.

He first joined the Board in November 2013.

Juergen is based Dresden, Germany.

He is a "Supplier Member" representative.

 Jurgen Pampus

Contact us for more information on Director Nominations.  Nominations are open to Members of the Biometrics Institute. 

The Board Directors have been elected to the Board as individuals who are subject matter experts in biometrics. They have been nominated by a member organisation but represent their personal views on the Board.