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The full programme for the Biometrics Congress 2018 is now available.

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Outline for Biometrics Week London 2018

  15 October  
16 October
17 October
18 October
19 October

Privacy Impact
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  Biometrics Congress 
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  Biometrics Congress 
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Satellite Events programme

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  • Technology innovation & developments: Artificial intelligence and machine learning – what is next? Blockchain explained – what does it offer?
  • Consumer biometrics – what will have the greatest take up and why? How will the use of smartphones evolve?
  • Digital services and biometrics – what are the opportunities and challenges? How can consumer confidence be created? What are the vulnerabilities and how can they be mitigated? How do you select the right solutions? What certification and assurance for new products is available?
  • Borders and the travel continuum: biometrics on the move and mobile biometrics, borders without gates, air/ sea and land border challenges, policy and data sharing, migration and trafficking
  • Biometrics for social enablement: legal identity for all, financial inclusion and protecting children online.
  • Liveness detection, vulnerability assessments and testing
  • Data sharing: How is new privacy legislation in Europe impacting the industry? How can we build trust amongst the public around biometrics and privacy? Data sharing and the potential trade-off between security and privacy? How can we find a balance between promoting innovation while maintaining data protections?
  • Research and innovation in biometrics: present your latest research or recently published paper to the user and vendor community