Digital Onboarding and Biometrics Paper

digital onboarding identity data creating a silhouette of a person

What is it?

This paper offers a high-level overview of how biometrics intersects with digital identity onboarding. The document covers re-use of an existing digital identity, considerations in the process of attaching a digital identity to a person, de-duplication, guidance in formulating strategies, and making ethical and responsible decisions in biometric applications. Nine key messages taken from the paper are also available as presentation slides to complement your own communications when discussing biometrics for digital onboarding. 

How do members benefit?

Adhering to the recommended good practices in this document should improve performance of biometric digital onboarding services and increase confidence in the identity of the people being onboarded.

Who updates it?

The Institute’s Digital Identity Group (DIG) updates the paper every two years. It was first released in 2021.

How to access the document and slides

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