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Digital Identity Expert Group

Objectives of the Group:

The Digital Identity Expert Group focuses on how to bring the benefits of digital identity to consumers and providers. Authentication, identity, multiple identities, stolen identities, self-sovereign vs cloud/server based models, privacy and consent, oversight, legal and regulatory issues are all central to the digital services provider and will be discussed within the Group.

There are three topics which have become the focus of exploration within our meetings:

  • Identification Domain – addressing Identity Proofing and establishing the ‘real’ identity.
  • Authentication Domain – squarely addressing Digital Identity and how to manage that across multiple areas.
  • Authorisation Domain – addressing the problem of Virtual Identity and what level of authorisation is needed to access certain resources based on the credentials offered.

 Areas of discussion may include:

  • What is digital ID?
  • Standardisation and assurance.
  • Solutions for payment products.
  • Effective oversight and data protection.
  • Cultural and social issues with digital ID.
  • The unbanked.
  • Risk management.
  • What causes the least amount of friction for the customer?
  • Portability – moving your biometrics from one device to another.
  • Sovereignty – providing the right tools for customers to protect themselves.
  • How to on-board the customer. Does this need to be a combination of a physical and digital channel or can it be fully automated?
  • Why liveness detection is important.
  • Could AI help with the risk of morphing?
  • Who controls the digital ID? Self-sovereign model versus cloud/server based model.
  • How can a digital ID be re-established once compromised?

The Group engages in teleconferences (due to our international member base) every three months and aims to meet face to face when possible (usually once a year during London Congress week). The Group will often consider use cases in their meetings to focus on specific issues and areas. These are presented by members of the Group or external speakers. Members may include government agencies and the private sector, such as financial services (banks), retail, healthcare and aviation. The group was established in September 2016.