Ethical Principles for Biometrics

What is it?

The Ethical Principles for Biometrics is a list of seven principles that the Institute has identified as critical to ensure not only the responsible but also ethical use of biometrics.  

Compiled by a diverse group of our members including our Privacy Expert Group, biometrics experts and government employees, the principles include a call to action for members to use them and promote them amongst their peers.

How do members benefit?

We live in an era where laws and regulations are often unable to stay abreast of technology change and the business models based on that change. The principles help guide our members in the responsible and ethical use of these rapidly developing technologies so they benefit, not disadvantage humans.

Who updates it?

The Institute’s Privacy and Policy Expert Group (PEG) update the principles when required.

How to access the document?

Click below to download a copy.

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