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On the Pulse Conversation: AI, biometrics, privacy & ethics

13 September 2023, 16:30-17:30

Online, and on demand

On the Pulse Conversation: AI, biometrics, privacy & ethics is now available to Biometrics Institute members on-demand here.

60 minutes on demand


The Biometrics Institute aims to deliver content to its members in a timely and concise format. Our online On the Pulse Conversations allow our members to connect globally and discuss important topics as and when the conversation is most needed.

This Conversation will be available on demand to all members. Members are invited to make a short submission to present a three-minute viewpoint on the theme at the start of the conversation. This is limited to a maximum of three viewpoints and requires a request to present.

AI, biometrics, privacy and ethics – how to use the technology responsibly

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in the spotlight these days and it is critical to get ahead of some of the gaps in understanding (and misinformation) related to the ethical use of AI with respect to biometrics (“the automated recognition of individuals based on biological or behavioural characteristics” according to ISO). Education of decision-makers and ultimately the public is essential at this time.
There are different uses of AI for example emotion detection, age estimation, etc. This raises questions about what is and what isn’t biometrics. How can AI be used to enhance biometrics, when ethically (and legally) applied, and how can it potentially go “off the rails” (including without proper legal guardrails).
In this conversation the Biometrics Institute will look at key considerations for the responsible and ethical use of AI and biometrics and will look to the future to assess how perceptions of privacy may be changing and what this may mean for the responsible use of AI and biometrics.
In May the Institute released its updated version of the Biometrics Institute Privacy Guidelines including an updated list of potential future developments and a “Test your knowledge” section providing short simple scenarios to see how the principles act in practice.

The conversation shall address:

  • What are the potential harms (i.e., what can go wrong) without sufficient guardrails?
  • What are the biggest challenges for people’s privacy, how have things changed in recent times?
  • What should regulators and policy makers consider?
  • The challenge of terminology: where do AI and biometrics intersect?
  • The Privacy Guidelines, how can they help?
  • Some case studies, what would you do?
  • General comments and questions, all you wanted to know.

It is recommended that participants read the Institute’s Privacy Guidelines and Ethical Principles in the lead-up to the event.

Moderator: Terry Aulich, Head, Privacy Expert Group (PEG), Biometrics Institute


  • Brett Feldon, Advisory Council Member, Biometrics Institute
  • Elizabeth Coombs, Human Rights, Privacy, Governance & Regulation, Lloyd and Coombs
  • Beatriz Ruiz-Beato, Biometrics Institute Privacy and Policy Expert Group Member
  • Tuli Faas, Biometrics Institute Privacy and Policy Expert Group Member