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Vulnerabilities & Security - Red Teaming Workshop, USA

21 March 2018 | Crowne Plaza Hotel, Alexandria

Vulnerabilities and security: Red-Teaming biometric systems  

How do you examine the threat landscape and decide if your system is truly secure?

This separately bookable half day workshop will take place on the afternoon of the second day of the US Conference. 

Through the practice of red teaming, attendees will be challenged to look at biometrics and their biometric system specifically and consider its security and vulnerabilities. The focus will be on the threats faced in the present environment with the aim of assisting with decision making, strategies and implementation.

Workshop leader: Ted Dunstone, Managing Director, Biometix; Head, Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group

Ted Dunstone

Dr Ted Dunstone is the CEO and founder of Biometix and the chair of the Technical panel of the Biometrics Institute. He has been involved with biometrics and authentication for over fifteen years, both academically and commercially, and has specialized in the government use and analysis of biometric identity systems. He is also the convener and chair of the first international group of biometric vulnerability experts which has members from seven different countries including the US (NIST) and the UK (Home Office).

Dr Dunstone established Biometix in 1998 to provide experienced, independent biometric consulting resources to governments and organisations using biometrics. In 2002 Biometix successfully implemented the prototype of SmartGate the world’s first fully operational face recognition system, in addition to pioneering techniques in the areas of testing and assurance. As principle consultant in Biometix Dr Dunstone has also been involved with providing advice, amongst others, to the Immigrations departments in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand, the UK Home Office and the US Department of Homeland Security. He was the co-author of the first dedicated book on data analysis and biometrics Biometric System and Data Design.

Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria
901 N. Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA  22314

Registration fees:

Member: USD 350

Non Member: USD 600


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