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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I need to consider before introducing biometrics?
  2. What are biometrics?
  3. Where are biometrics used?
  4. Where are biometric technologies currently deployed?
  5. Are biometrics a threat to privacy?
  6. Is theft of a biometric possible?
  7. Are biometrics a threat to your health?
    - Can you tell the state of my health from the iris?
    - Will my eye be damaged from an iris scan?
    - Don’t I have to enrol multiple times?
    - Does eye surgery change the iris?
    - Is there a health risk with using finger scanners?
    - Is there a health risk with using vein scanners?
  8. Do fingerprints and other biometrics change when you get older?
  9. Are biometrics new and unsafe?
  10. Is a biometrics systems any good if it is not 100% accurate?
  11. Are biometric systems very costly? 
  12. Will biometrics be a panacea in preventing terrorist activity?
  13. Is template data encrypted data?
  14. How can function creep (biometric was used for a different purpose than what it was collected for) be prevented?
  15. What needs to be considered when you enrol your biometric?
  16. Is a photo a Biometric? 
  17. What biometric information do I need for visa applications as a New Zealander or Australian, i.e. for the UK?
  18. What do I need to know about the use of biometrics in licensed premises such as pubs and clubs?
  19. What do I need to know about biometrics in schools and biometrics and children?