Good practice guidance material

At a time when legislation, policies and standards are struggling to keep up with developments and new applications in biometric technology, the work of the Biometrics Institute is extremely important.

Please use the links below to access our latest good practice guidance material.

The Three Laws of Biometrics

Good Practice Framework

Our Good Practice Framework is a guide to assessing the impacts of biometrics and how to manage and mitigate the risks

Privacy Guidelines

Privacy Awareness Checklist

Ethical Principles for Biometrics

Digital Onboarding and Biometrics paper 

Types of Biometrics

Verification (1:1) and identification (1:n) explanatory graphics

Biometrics and Hygiene Considerations

Top 10 Vulnerability Questions

Biometrics Vulnerability Checklist

Presentation attack detection (PAD) and liveness guiding document

United Nations compendium of recommended practices for the responsible use and sharing of biometrics in counter-terrorism

Understanding Biometrics – Considerations for Implementing a Biometric System 


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