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Biometrics Institute Milestones

March 2002
The Biometrics Institute holds its first conference in Australia which has become the leading event in the ANZ region.

October 2004
The Biometrics Institute holds its first conference in New Zealand which becomes an annual event.

September 2006
The Biometrics Institute Privacy Code – a first of its kind in the world – was registered with the Australian Privacy Commission and becomes part of Australian Privacy Legislation.

January 2007
The Biometrics Institute confirms its 100th membership organisation.

December 2007 - 2010
The Biometrics Institute receives funding to develop the Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for face, fingerprint, voice and iris. Biometric Vulnerability Assessment (BVA) is now a service offered by the Biometrics Institute.

July 2011
The Biometrics Institute holds its inaugural Singapore Meeting to include the Asian biometrics market in its global network.

July - October 2011
The Biometrics Institute opens an office in London to grow an international network of biometric users. It holds its Inaugural UK Reception at the beautiful Australia House in London.

June 2012
A first Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase Europe event is successfully held in London.

March 2014
Started expansion into the USA with a first event in Washington DC

October 2014
Programme development for the Biometrics 2014: The Future of Identity starts here! show in London organised by Elsevier in partnership with the Institute