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In the media

First article about the Biometrics Institute establishment:

"Biometrics: The body and soul of security" by Jeanne-Vida Douglas, ZDNet Australia, 14 February 2002

More media on biometrics

An interview at Canberra Institute of Technology with the Chief Executive, Isabelle Moeller, about the role and mission of the Biometrics Institute'

Opening of Biometrics 2014: The future of identity starts here! (21 October 2014):
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Importance of trust - an interview with Accenture (June 2014):
Follow the link and scroll down to the second video: The chain of trust perspectives video

Redefining privacy - introduction to the Biometrics Institute (April 2014):

Biometrics Institute Directors' Panel addressing the Future of Travel with biometrics (May 2013):

"Biometrics" Raconteur insert in The Times, 25 February 2013.

"Biometrics still searching for a pulse" by David Braue, ZDNet Australia on 6 April 2005.

"Companies get into a biometrics groove" by Sue Cant, Fairfax Digital, 23 December 2003.