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Media Release: Winners of the N2N Fingerprint Challenge to be announced at Biometrics Institute US Conference London

The winners of IARPA’s Nail to Nail (N2N) Fingerprint Challenge will be announced at the Biometrics Institute US Conference next week, on Wednesday 21 March 2018.

This half day session will include presentations from the finalists of the N2N Challenge including AOS, IDEMIA, GreenBit, JENETRIC and Touchless Biometric Systems, prior to the winners being revealed.

“We are very excited to host the N2N Challenge Workshop on the 21 March in Washington DC as part of the Biometrics Institute US conference (20-21 March 2018,,” says Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive of the BI. “The Institute represents a unique combination of user organisations, suppliers, academic and privacy experts. Having this challenge as part of our conference is delivering on our goal to put innovation, research and new technology in front of our members.”

The Institute has several very active committees focusing on privacy, security, vulnerability, academic research, tech innovation and digital services. The Institute is constantly seeking engagement with new players in our industry to bring them into our very extensive global biometrics network.

“We are seeing some fantastic dialogue amongst our very experienced members and a new generation of innovative companies. It is sparking great debate and real momentum,” Moeller added.

The Institute’s next event in the US will be the Authentication and Digital Identify Forum on 20-21 June in NYC and will focus on digital identities, authentication, digital transformations and the multitude of challenges faced in this area.

The Biometrics Institute is the not for profit independent and impartial international forum for biometrics users and other interested parties with currently over 240 member organisations including government departments, financial services institutions, the aviation industry and also the suppliers of biometric products and services.

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