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Nominate as a Speaker

These meetings are designed to gather organisations on a regular basis  to discuss topical issues in an informal setting facilitated by the independent Biometrics Institute. Member meetings are currently being held in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.


The meetings are approximately 2-4 hours long and consist of 3-5 speakers on an educational topic followed by group discussion. Member meetings are a great member benefit by which to raise your company profile and learn from best practice.


Open to all members and typically attended by 30-70 people depending on the region. Meetings follow an interactive format, with lively participation and off-the-record discussion.  Non-members may attend at a fee.

The potential speaker will be asked to submit a topic that they wish to discuss and allow to speak for between 15-20 minutes. Biometrics Institute staff shall liaise with the speaker for further details.

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Biometrics Institute Government Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings

The Biometrics Institute has been organising the Biometrics in Government SIG since 2001. Should be a government employee who wishes an exclusive government only audience to share updates, we are happy to organise this.

Government SIGs are similar in format to the Member Meetings, typically a 1.5 - 2 hour meeting featuring 1-2 speakers who are government employees.  

The Government SIGs are exclusive to government employees. 

Biometrics Institute Site Visits

The Biometrics Institute along with its members can on occassion organise Site Visits and Tours of technologies in situ. Some previous examples include visits to card manufacturing plants, airport security checkpoints and correctional facilities.

Due to the nature of these meetings where detailed information about the processes, implementation and production of products may be discussed, competitive confidentiality may limit some organisations from attending at times. The organisation negotiating the tour shall have final say on who they deem a competitor in this space. 

Should you wish to organise a visit to your facility/organisation we are happy to discuss this opportunity with you further.