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Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) will help organisations to make an informed decision about the introduction of biometrics and we recommend that organisations conduct PIAs when thinking about the introduction of biometrics. It will help you to make a decision about:

  • Benefits of introducing a biometric
  • How to choose a biometric (which one fits best for purpose)
  • What the privacy impact implications are 
  • How to manage staff feedback
  • How to choose a vendor (obviously if they have chosen your company, this won't be necessary)  

Privacy Impact Assessment Resources

Biometrics Institute PIA Model Template

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) Guide, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner Australia (May 2010)

An International Study of PIA Law, Policies and Practices

There are 9 appendices of which 5 are country reports, including a comprehensive report on the nine Australian jurisdictions (Appendix E):

New Zealand Privacy Impact Assessment Handbook

 Privacy Impact Assessments: the CNIL publishes its PIA manual (France, 2015)