Should we ban facial recognition?

The Biometrics Institute has produced a report asking, should we ban facial recognition?

Why this paper is important:

  • The Biometrics Institute promotes the use of biometrics but only if used responsibly and ethically
  • Biometrics are complex, different use cases present different levels of risk which need to be assessed, planned and managed carefully
  • Using biometrics responsibly, requires informed decision-making. The institute provides unique tools like the Three Laws of Biometrics, its Good Practice Framework and Privacy Guidelines to work through the decision-making process
  • The institute is well placed to provide these tools and accompanying guidance as the independent and impartial international membership organisation representing a diverse multi-stakeholder community

Through consultation with our expert group and Advisory Council members, and by listening to our diverse global membership we have explored the different viewpoints on this topic. 

What next?

We urge all our members to read this report then:

  1. Share and discuss with your colleagues and peers
  2. Ask whether your policies and processes are alleviating or adding to the problem
  3. Take action accordingly: share your successes to promote the responsible use of biometrics, OR find out how to identify your risk gaps through the Biometrics Institute’s good practice documents


Lead the debate with us on the
responsible use of Biometrics