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Australian Biometric Standards

Committee IT-032: Biometrics and Identification

This committee was formed by Standards Australia to cover Biometrics and Identification Technologies.  The committee IT-032 met for the first time in October 2004 to establish a program of work for biometrics standardization in Australia.  With representation from Commonwealth and State Government departments, industry associations, the Australian Consumers Association and the Biometrics Institute, and a number of outstanding nominations yet to be finalised, there is strong support for developing Australian and International Standards in the field of biometrics.

The initial program of work for this committee will be the review of and input to international standards, particularly those developed by the major international committee ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 (, although it is anticipated Australian standards may be developed for submission to the international process in the future.
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UK Biometric Standards

Committee IST/044

The committee is part of the British Standards Institution. The group was established in 2002. Visit:

Voice Biometric Standards

W3C Voice Browser Working Group

The W3C Voice Browser Working Group seeks to develop standards to support secure access to the Web and Web services using biometric, speaker identification and verification (SIV). Interest in SIV is growing in both the private and public sector. That interest is motivated by a variety of factors, primarily cost and labor issues; convenience; and the growing number of regulations/laws governing data privacy and security that have been put in place exist at international, national, local, and industry levels.

Unlike other biometric technologies, speech recognition, and speech synthesis, there are no standards specifically governing the use of SIV. ISO/IEC 19784-1 (called “BioAPI”) is a generic, biometric application programming language that was designed to support SIV in non-telephony deployments. Its utility for SIV Web-services applications has not yet been fully explored. The three other SIV standards projects (Media Resources Control Protocol (MRCP V2) - Internet Engineering Technology Forum; NCITS 1821-D Speaker Recognition Format for Raw Data Interchange - VoiceXML Forum & InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards; and ISO/IEC 1.37.19794-13, Voice Data - International Standards Organization and the International Electrotechnical Commission) are all still under development.
Despite the growing interest in SIV, the lack of standards – especially for applications using Web Services – is a market and technology barrier.
Read more at the W3C website. 

International Standards

Follow link to find out more about SC37 and other international standards information.