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Technology Innovation Expert Group (TIEG)


The Technology Innovation Expert Group focuses on the provision of accurate and unbiased technical information, training and education to the board and members of the Biometrics Institute. It has developed out of the Technical Committee which was established in 2003.

Short-term Goals (2018):

  • Completion of a Good-Practice Guide, 'Understanding Biometrics'.
  • Quarterly virtual meeting with a clear agenda to ensure that the TIEG stick to the mandate as provided by the Institute.
  • Share innovative literature and implementations with the Institute to ensure the Institute keeps its members up to date with new applications of biometrics.
  • Allow members to submit queries regarding technology innovation to the group for opinion.
  • Work closely with the Academic Innovation and Research group to filter new technologies on the horizon and identify where they are being used by early adopters.

Long-term Goals:

  • As appropriate, play an active role at Institute events, highlighting innovation that has come into implementation.
  • Help position the Institute as the de-facto go-to place for members to seek information and guidance.
  • Identify sectors where biometrics can make processes easier for the consumer and focus on possible application of them.

To achieve these long-term goals, interaction with the Institute members may be via webinars, blogs and newsletters.

What next for the group?

To keep the group active takes an investment of time from all the members, with a clear strategy for the next 2 - 5 years. To provide value to members of the Institute, the group must play an active role in the events of the Institute. 

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