In May 2010, the Biometrics Institute formed the Biometrics Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group (BVAEG). The Group was established to raise awareness about the importance of biometric vulnerability assessments and to exchange knowledge and experiences. Its overall mission is to reduce vulnerabilities in biometrics.

If you are interested in this group, please email manager(at)

  • Raise awareness about the importance of vulnerability assessments and that mitigation is available
  • Share knowledge, research and experience about vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis
  • Support development of a common standard and align to SC37
  • Have a common basis for methodology and put experiences it has in practice together

Participation is by invitation only and Members need to demonstrate their expertise in the field of biometric vulnerability assessments through publication or work in the field. The members are drawn from different countries to have a good balance of information.


Publication of the Top 10 Vulnerability Questions (2015)
Press release: Could the iPhone fingerprint fake finger attack have been prevented? – the Biometrics Institute asks for proactive adoption of spoof detection technology. (2013)


3 February 2017 – Meeting held for the first time in Australia hosted by Standards Australia
17 October 2016 – on the day prior to Biometrics 2016 conference in London.
12 October 2015 – 1/2-day workshop on the day prior to Biometrics 2015 conference in London
23 October 2014 – as part of Biometrics 2014 conference in London
31 March 2014 – Gaithersburg
29 April 2013 – One day workshop (invitation only), London following the SC37 Meeting
2 November 2012 – London
July 2012 – Paris during the SC37 Meeting
27 June 2012 – London, UK (to be confirmed) following the Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase Europe event
5 March 2012 – Gaithersburg, USA
21 October 2011 – London: One-day by invitation-only Meeting including presentations from members and guests.
9 Sept 2011 – Tampa, Florida 
15 July 2011 – following the Inaugural Biometrics Institute Singapore Meeting and the SC37 Meeting in Japan

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