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Biometrics Institute releases results from its 2018 Industry Tracker: Online identity, face biometrics and privacy concerns are expected to dominate discussions in the next few years


The Biometrics Institute has released to its members the full report on the findings of the 2018 Biometrics Institute Industry Tracker - now in its 9th year.
The final report provides invaluable insights into different trends and important developments in the biometrics industry.

“As seen in previous years, there were diverse perceptions as to what the most significant development was likely to be over the next five years”, explained Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Biometrics Institute. “However online identity verification (digital identity) attracted the highest mention and is an area which will be an important part of discussions at the Biometrics Institute 2019 events. These discussions will be instrumental in developing good practice guidance where standards and legislation cannot keep pace.”

“It is clear that face biometrics are expected to be most on the increase over the next five years and again we will be focussing on this area”, Moeller adds, “The increasing mention of privacy/data protection concerns seen over the last few years reinforces the importance of the independent Biometrics Institute which promotes the responsible use of biometrics through good-practice guidance and thought-leadership.”

The survey was circulated to all Biometrics Institute members, other key stakeholders and media contacts (around 6000 individuals altogether) in late June 2018 and closed in mid July 2018. Over 300 individuals from around the world responded to the survey. Key results will be presented at Biometrics Institute events and potentially followed up with a webinar.

The full report is now available to Biometrics Institute members as part of their annual membership from the website resource library.

To find out about membership, please contact us or go to our website. An executive summary is available to non-members upon request.

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