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On the Pulse Conversation: How to verify a face against a document

3 May-31 December

On demand

On the Pulse Conversation: How to verify a face against a document is now available to Biometrics Institute members on demand here.


60 minutes


The Biometrics Institute aims to deliver content to its members in a timely and concise format. The past 18 months have demonstrated that the online meeting place allows our members to connect globally and discuss important topics as and when the conversation is most needed.

How to verify a face against a document

A major challenge in online onboarding is proving the identity of the person signing up. Often the proof-of-identity process relies on the presentation of documents assumed to be under the control of the person being signed up, such as a driver’s licence or passport. With the understanding that there are bad actors who may attempt to sign up imposters comes the responsibility of the organisation to make the misuse of identities as difficult as possible.

The challenge, therefore, is being able to confirm with more confidence that the person signing up is the one whose identity is being used. This conversation will look at:

  • What are the technical standards around remote liveness detection?
  • Is there a ‘state of the art’ that advances beyond what is standardised?
  • Where are we at with remote document verification?
  • Are there any human elements that should be considered for human-powered verification of faces against passport images?
  • How does this intersect with processes to resolve machine failures in face matching?
  • Does this subject only apply to remote matching, or are there local matching issues that should be considered?
  • What are key considerations and recommendations?
  • What research do we have?