Press release: Leading biometric suppliers share insights into adapting to a changing world

Nineteen of the world’s leading suppliers of biometric technology and services have come forward with effective and responsible biometric solutions, viewpoints and ideas to adapting to a world changed by COVID-19.

The Biometrics Institute asked its members to offer solutions and concepts in a time of a pandemic to help build a resilient, international response. The submissions include, but go beyond, how biometric technology can help reduce virus spread in offices, hospitals, airports, and secure locations which rely on fingerprint readers, card access or manual processes and address questions about contactless products and hygiene. Member organisations submitted papers outlining solutions from secure election e-voting, user verification in healthcare to contactless payments and remote onboarding. The document covers evaluating air traveller temperatures, retrofitting fingerprint readers with disinfecting technology and the implications of masks and gloves.

 The Biometrics Institute membership represents over 240 member organisations from around the world with a network that is close to 10,000 individuals, many of them experts in their respective fields.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Biometrics Institute has launched several new initiatives to provide its members with timely and trusted information. These include a survey on contactless fingerprint scanners which was released to members last week.

“As the world faces new and unprecedented challenges, opportunities arise. Building a resilient community and providing a trusted source of information is extremely important. We focused the submissions for this report on addressing critical questions organisations are facing at this time and asked our members to explain how any available solution is effective in this crisis. As usual, our community has proved themselves to be agile and versatile in coming up with answers to the new questions the world is being asked.”

Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive, Biometrics Institute


Notes to editors:

The Biometrics Institute does not endorse any of the submissions in the report, but is sharing them for information purposes to help generate discussion at this challenging time.

The report can be downloaded here.

About the Biometrics Institute:

The Biometrics Institute is the independent and impartial international membership organisation for biometric users and other interested parties. It was established in 2001 to promote the responsible use of biometrics and has offices in London and Sydney.

With more than a thousand members from 240 membership organisations spread across 30 countries, it represents a global and diverse multi-stakeholder community. This includes banks, airlines, government agencies, biometric experts, privacy experts, suppliers and academics.

The Biometrics Institute connects the global biometrics community. It shares knowledge with its members and key stakeholders and most importantly, develops good-practices and thought leadership for the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

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