Our annual report into the biometrics industry explores the trends, issues and challenges facing the industry.

The Institute’s Future Direction Group has identified five significant topics to watch which the report outlines in more detail.

State of Biometrics Report 2021 

This year’s State of Biometrics Report comes at a time of flux. Many businesses are opening up, new opportunities are appearing, big changes are happening all around us, and some big challenges still remain.

The 2021 report covers the following five topics:

  1. COVID-19 recovery, focusing on borders and travel, and verification for large events
  2. Digital identity, covering national identity frameworks, interoperability and re-use, self-sovereign digital identities, and ramifications in the real world
  3. Governance, which includes legislation, public perception and ethics, standards and testing, and accessibility and inclusion
  4. Commercial use of biometrics, looking at the benefits and risks in this growing area
  5. Future directions, which anticipates evolving use and technology developments


The report also includes a round up of the key industry news stories of the past 12 months.

Members can download the full State of Biometrics Report 2021 here.

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