Our annual report into the biometrics industry explores the trends, issues and challenges facing the industry.

The Institute’s Future Direction Group has identified four significant topics to watch which the report outlines in more detail.

Biometrics Institute State of Biometrics Report 2022

State of Biometrics Report 2022

This year’s State of Biometrics Report comes at a time when technology and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities continue to advance rapidly and new use cases for biometrics evolve and expand as a result. More than ever before, our campaign for the responsible, ethical and effective use of these technologies is of the utmost importance.

The 2022 report covers the following four topics:

    1. Biometrics and conflict including propaganda, deepfakes and drones in the ongoing battle for responsible use
    2. Biometrics and access to services focusing on the value of digitisation, mobile capabilities and remote enrolment
    3. Education: face facts, not fiction considering media reporting to informed consent and what learning resources are now required
    4. Playing catch up from lessons learned to how we enable future responsible use

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