The Biometrics Institute has considered offering Biometric Vulnerability Assessment testing based on the Biometric Vulnerability Assessment (BVA) Framework it developed with the support of the Australian government. It has decided that the best way forward will be to either collaborate with other groups regarding testing (through the Biometric Vulnerability Assessment Expert Group) or offer training on the use of the BVA Framework to conduct your own testing.

A framework  has been developed to assess the vulnerabilities in a biometrics system and derive useful metrics for the likelihood of an attack succeeding. This likelihood depends on the type of attack, the particular technology being used, and the knowledge of the attacker. 

The aim of the BVA is to allow those implementing biometric systems to understand which risks need to be mitigated and to provide developers with a target for improving vulnerability to attack.

The existence of vulnerability testing increases the integrity of biometric-based identity management systems, lessening the likelihood of successful imposter attacks on such systems.  It also provides a mechanism for continuous improvement of biometric system vulnerability.

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