Call for papers to celebrate 20 years of the Biometrics Institute

Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year on the 11 October 2021, the Biometrics Institute, with the support of its members, has developed a deep understanding of the global biometrics industry by providing a range of thought leadership and guidance, facilitating knowledge transfer, and acting as a connector to the biometrics community. As a Biometrics Institute main member contact, I am inviting you to submit to the Biometrics Institute 20th Anniversary Report to be published (digitally) on the 11 October 2021.

How biometrics have made a positive contribution to our world

Convenience, improved security, and fraud reduction are just some of the benefits where biometrics have made a positive impact.

Yet biometrics remain in an uneven state; concerns over data security and privacy and not attending to cultural, social, and legal considerations, can diminish their efficacy and lead to serious unforeseen consequences. Misinformation and confusion over how different use cases pose different risks and opportunities have added to much debate over biometrics.

For 20 years now the Institute and its community have recognised the challenges and worked towards good practices to ensure responsible and ethical implementation.

20th anniversary call for papers

This report shall be a reminder of what we have achieved over the past 20 years, claiming back the narrative for biometrics, and how they have made a positive difference to our world.

We seek to reflect on how the industry has developed over the last 20 years, and to set out a call to action for the next 20 years. We can write from a point of optimism on the back of the launch of the iPhone 5 with fingerprint biometrics and the potential for a truly integrated biometrics community or the 9/11 attacks, which whilst having improved international security by bringing the biometrics community together to confront terrorism, now seems to be under challenge in its validity to the public when confronted with privacy concerns.

Now, more than ever, the biometrics community needs to find its voice.

About your paper

We are keen to receive submissions that reflect on how the industry has changed over the past 20 years in the areas of privacy and policy; technology innovation; research and development; applications and case studies and will continue to do so in the two decades ahead.

You may wish to consider:

  • How have biometrics improved life by way of security, convenience, and privacy e.g., e-gates and travel through an airport?
  • What have been the key contributions from the research community or from an individual that have made an important change? An example could be research into infant biometrics and how technology solutions have resolved challenges.
  • How has the industry successfully responded to technology innovation e.g., vulnerability research, new standards, testing regimes and what impact has it had?
  • Which new legislation, policy or regulation on privacy and ethics has had an impact?
  • What would the world look like without the Biometrics Institute community or without biometrics? How have we made a difference and how does the community need to change?
  • Have we increased diversity and inclusion in the industry during this time? What still needs to change in the industry for it to become truly inclusive?
  • How (if at all) has the role of biometrics changed in public perception?

How to submit:

Papers should be submitted by downloading and completing the submission template (between 500 to 1,000 words) and emailing it to by 15 September. Please refer to the submission template for all the details.

With over 200 members, we may not be able to include all submissions. Submission of a paper is therefore not a guarantee of its publication as we are aiming for a balanced perspective.


The Biometrics Institute’s special 20th Anniversary Report will be shared with our members and extensive wider network as well as on our social media channels.

(We recently published two editions of our COVID-19 Supplier Response Report which has so far resulted in over 4,000 downloads.)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks

Isabelle Moeller

Chief Executive, Biometrics Institute

Lead the debate with us on the
responsible use of Biometrics