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Mitigating Biometric Vulnerabilities in Digital Identity Workshop

21 October, 09:30-13:00

London, United Kingdom (in-person event)


21 October 2024


9:30 – 13:00


Three and a half hours including a short break




This half-day satellite workshop will take place alongside the Biometrics Institute Congress. It will dive deeper into the principles of digital identities, the use of biometrics in this context and  potential attack modes that organisations should prepare for. 

For the past 20 years, the Biometrics Institute has provided guidance and education on biometrics helping its members to deliver on our mission of promoting the responsible, ethical and effective use of biometrics. The Biometrics Institute Three Laws of Biometrics stresses that policy must come first, followed by process and then technology – which should be guided by policy and process. 

Our workshops provide a trusted platform to learn about new developments in biometrics and outline how we can advance security and good practice to identify and verify people.  

In May 2024 the Institute released a members-only paper on Mitigating Biometric Vulnerabilities in Digital Identity which is an executive briefing on critical things to consider when using biometrics in digital identity.  

This workshop will be an essential tool to understanding the latest developments, the content of the paper and how to be better prepared. 

The session will provide deeper insights into three important guiding documents:  

  • Mitigating Biometric Vulnerabilities in Digital Identity – Executive Briefing 
  • Digital Onboarding and Biometrics paper 
  • Digital Identity and Biometric Authentication paper 

It will address issues such as: 

  • Security before convenience: While powerful, biometrics systems can nonetheless be attacked. The types of attack and their mitigation must be considered. 
  • Balance risks and outcomes: Protections may add cost and friction to customer experiences which need to be carefully balanced. 
  • Manage risks in context: If vulnerabilities are managed, today’s biometric systems can make it much cheaper, easier and safer to implement robust digital identity systems. 
  • Different attack points: These vary in accessibility to bad actors, the resources needed for the attack, scalability of attack volume, and the types of mitigations required. 
  • Use available tools: The Biometrics Institute offers a range of material on vulnerabilities in biometric technologies. 
  • Allocate resources to manage risk: Proactive monitoring is essential to stay ahead of evolving security challenges. 


Martin George is a member of the Biometrics Institute Digital Identity Group and has many years’ experience in the biometrics industry. He’s worked internationally in the technical and business development of voice, face and iris biometrics, across applications ranging from physical access control, to defence force protection, refugee management, automated border control, and smart phones. More recently Martin has been focusing on issues relating to digital identity policies, frameworks, programmes and where they intersect with biometrics technologies. 


End-users, integrators, application developers and others interested in digital identity


Members: GBP 350 (+ VAT@20%)
Non-members: GBP 500 (+ VAT@20%)


The Biometrics Institute provides training and course material as a tool to help you conduct due diligence. While the Institute has used reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the material and course, due to the content and variable inputs during and after the process of implementing biometrics, the Institute cannot be held accountable for outcomes or compliance. The material and course have been prepared for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide legal or compliance advice. You should consult your legal advisor should you require advice on the legal or compliance aspects of the material or course.  


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