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US Conference 2018

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20 - 21 March 2018 |  Mary Gates Learning Centre, Washington DC + 2 Workshops 

Weather Alert: Snow is forecast for Washington DC for Tuesday and Wednesday. The events are scheduled to go ahead as planned even if Snow Day is declared. 

This 1.5 day conference will follow the same successful format as our 2017 March event and we have added an extra day with workshops.  The focus of the meeting is on discussion and interaction and is led by industry experts, so far including:

  • Lisa MacDonald, OBIM, Dept. of Homeland Security, USA
  • Jacqueline Connor, Federal Trade Commission
  • Vyjayanti Desai, World Bank
  • Chris Boehnen, IARPA
  • Stephanie Schuckers, CITeR
  • Emmanuelle Deault-Bonin, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship, Canada (IRCC)
  • John McMullen, Defense Forensics & Biometric Agency (DFBA)
  • Kim Mills, Customs & Border Protection, DHS
  • Niall McCann, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Kelli Ann Burriesci, Terrorist Screening Center
  • Brent Gulick, NEC 

 This US event will feature several debates, discussions and a number of ‘conversations’ around the key themes of:

  • Authentication
  • Privacy 
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Data Sharing
  • Cybersecurity

And a special addition to the Conference : The N2N Fingerprint Challenge

Led by Chris Boehnen from IARPA we shall be having presentations from the winners of the N2N fingerprint challenge.  There will also be a table top display so you can mingle with the people and look at the equipment.  This project looks at improving live and forensic biometric fingerprint recognition by improving collection and recognition.

Separately bookable workshops connected to this conference are:

21 March 2018


26-27 March 2018
All day

Vulnerabilities and security: Red-Teaming biometric systems workshop


2 day short course - Introduction to Biometrics



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Tuesday, 20 March: Mary Gates Learning Centre, Alexandria, Virginia
Wednesday, 21 March: Crowne Plaza, Alexandria, Virginia

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