Human vs Machine. Who controls who in the world of biometrics?

An in-depth look at Human versus Machine and the use of facial recognition in biometrics as the Biometrics Institute speaks with Channel Nine News in Sydney

21 February 2023: Biometrics Institute in the Media

If the question is human vs machine? What’s the answer?

Our CEO, Isabelle Moeller, Brett Feldon (Head of the Institute’s Digital Identity Group) and professor David White from UNSW met reporter Annalise Bolt from 9News in Sydney to discuss the rise of biometrics technology and in particular face recognition.

Who controls who in the world of biometrics?

It’s important to remember that biometrics begins and ends with good practice. Whatever organisations do, they need to follow the Three Laws of Biometrics putting policy first. Biometrics are probabilistic and as with any technology pose risks that must and can be managed. We provide guidance.

Biometrics are complex and there is a lot to consider. They cannot be rushed. Our Good Practice Framework addresses over 300 questions that a biometric implementation may require you to answer and the technology solution is only part of that.

As for the answer… do your homework and don’t get carried away by tech solutions that supposedly solve all your problems. If you begin with good practice, you are more likely to end up with biometrics solutions that are responsible, ethical and effective.

Engage and work with biometrics suppliers that are committed to the responsible and ethical use of biometric technologies. And join our member community of biometrics experts and thought leaders from public and private sector in educating, innovating and spreading a message of positive and responsible use for the future.
Footage courtesy 9News Sydney.

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