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Digital Identity and Biometrics Workshop

16 October, 13:45-17:00

London, United Kingdom (in-person event)


16 October 2023

This event is part of Biometrics Week which includes the Biometrics Institute Congress on the 17-18 October 2023 in London with side events (some requiring separate registration, follow the links for more details) including: Face Recognition Performance Workshop, 9:00 – 13:00, 16 October 2023, Congress Drinks Reception (including in Congress registration), 17 October 2023 and Joint-Committee Member Meeting, 19 October 2023.


13:45 – 17:00


18 Smith Square, London


This half-day workshop will take place alongside the Biometrics Institute Congress 2023. This satellite workshop will dive deeper into the topic of digital identity and biometrics.

The session will provide deeper insights into two important guiding documents:

It will address questions such as:

What constraints need to apply where on-boarding platforms carry out a face biometric selfie match against an image the user captures from a printed photo on a document (like a driver licence photo)?

What other safeguards should be in place for an on-boarding process?

In the UK, HMPO piloted a document checking service against its registered database of UK passport holders.  Is it a good concept that could be extended more widely, are there other international examples, and what might prevent this wider adoption?

How should we set up mechanisms to avoid conflicts of interest among organisations involved in Digital Identity ecosystems? For example, should attribute providers/verifiers be independent of other organisations who provide Digital Trust Framework technology? ….. or who have a commercial interest in the transactions enabled through a particular operating framework?

To what extent do technical advances create risks for biometrics in digital identity? (For example widespread consumer availability of biometric tech may lead to easier data harvesting of face identities, or deepfakes that make it easier to impersonate someone else when creating a digital identity)

What challenges does interoperability present either for, or that can be resolved with, biometrics?


Martin George
is a member of the Biometrics Institute Digital Identity Group and has many years’ experience in the biometrics industry.

He’s worked internationally in the technical and business development of voice, face and iris biometrics, across applications ranging from physical access control, to defence force protection, refugee management, automated border control, and smart phones.

More recently Martin has been focusing on issues relating to digital identity policies, frameworks, programmes and where they intersect with biometrics technologies.


End-users, integrators, application developers and others interested in digital identity.


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Non-members: GBP 500 (+ VAT@20%)
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The Biometrics Institute provides training and course material as a tool to help you conduct due diligence. While the Institute has used reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the material and course, due to the content and variable inputs during and after the process of implementing biometrics, the Institute cannot be held accountable for outcomes or compliance. The material and course have been prepared for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide legal or compliance advice. You should consult your legal advisor should you require advice on the legal or compliance aspects of the material or course.  



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